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Jump to: What is Triethyl Citrate? Triethyl Citrate Uses Benefits of Triethyl Citrate Buy Triethyl Citrate Online at 18c by Acme-Hardesty Today Triethyl Citrate Esters are a key component of personal care and cosmetic formulations. EnSense™ Silk TEC (triethyl citrate) is a multi-tasking ingredient
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Triethyl Citrate

Esters are a key component of personal care and cosmetic formulations. EnSense™ Silk TEC (triethyl citrate) is a multi-tasking ingredient that improves sensory and overall performance. TEC has many natural benefits, including enhanced moisturization, smoothing, softening and slip and slide. This ingredient also has minimal soaping properties and acts as a barrier to the skin. EnSense™ Silk TEC is also an effective pigment dispersing agent and solubilizer.

Overall, esters like TEC are smoother, lighter and less oily than fatty acids and alcohols. This ingredient is derived primarily from natural sources. Please follow the SDS for disposal instructions.

As one of the largest distributors of bio-based solutions like castor oils and derivatives, surfactants and preservatives, 18c by Acme-Hardesty is the triethyl citrate supplier you can trust. It's our goal to give customers an easier and more efficient way to purchase sustainable, high-quality personal care ingredients in smaller quantities that best serve their needs.

What Is Triethyl Citrate?

Triethyl citrate is an eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable ester of citric acid. This colorless and odorless liquid is derived from the fermentation of natural citric acid and ethanol and is made from 100% renewable carbon sources. TEC has low toxicity before degradation occurs and is stable under standard conditions. It is insoluble in water and does not support fungal growth in resins.

Triethyl citrate is used in various applications across several industries, acting as a solvent, active ingredient, plasticizer, antioxidant and film-strengthening agent. 

Triethyl Citrate Uses

Because triethyl citrate is so versatile, you can find it in numerous products and major industries, including:

  • Food: TEC is sometimes used as a food additive to stabilize foaming products, acting as a whipping enhancer in the processing of eggs and other food products. It is also considered a flavor carrier.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Triethyl citrate is often used as a plasticizer for cellulose derivatives and natural resins in pharmaceutical products like enteric-coated tablets, plastics and coatings. It is also found in polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
  • Personal care: You can find TEC in countless personal care products. It acts as an active ingredient in deodorants, destroying enzymes produced from the decomposition of sweat and preventing unpleasant odors. This ingredient is also ideal for perfumes, skin creams, moisturizers, lotions, hairspray, shampoo, sunscreen and other cleansers and creams.
  • Cosmetics: TEC is also often found in cosmetics. Some of the many cosmetic applications of TEC include nail polish, lipstick, concealer and makeup remover.
  • CASE: Triethyl citrate regulates viscosity and reduces the hardness of polymers in coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers — also known as CASE applications. It can be found in inks and plastics as well.

Benefits of Triethyl Citrate

Triethyl citrate, like our EnSense™ Silk TEC, has numerous advantages that make it an essential component in so many products:

  • Inhibits esterase in bacteria
  • Has excellent skincare properties
  • Helps disperse insoluble organic UV filters
  • Prevents foul odors by destroying sweat enzymes
  • Acts as a sustainable, environmentally-friendly natural ingredient
  • Ideal as a natural deodorant

Buy Triethyl Citrate Online at 18c by Acme-Hardesty Today

If you're in need of a trusted triethyl citrate supplier, look no further than 18c by Acme-Hardesty. We specialize in innovative personal care solutions responsibly derived from the greenest sources. Our efficient supply chain is here to bring you the sustainable products you need in the quantities you need them.

Contact us to learn more about EnSense™ Silk TEC today!

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