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Jump to: What is PreBio M? What Are the Health Benefits of PreBio M? Key PreBio M Features What Products Benefit From PreBio M? Typical Formulation Applications Why Make Us Your PreBio M Supplier The lining of the stomach contains trillions of bacteria and other microscopic organisms that form a
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Jump to:The lining of the stomach contains trillions of bacteria and other microscopic organisms that form a microecosystem known as the microbiome, which plays a crucial role in overall health. Therefore, it's vital to "feed" the microbiome with nutrients that will balance the multiple bacteria species found within the gut and intestines.

Prebiotics are plant fibers that stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria. Prebiotic materials exist in vegetables and fruits containing complex carbohydrates, such as yams, asparagus and corn. Another way to increase your intake of these nutrients is by consuming a prebiotic soluble fiber supplement like PreBio M.

What Is PreBio M?

PreBio M serves as a food source for the healthy bacteria living in the stomach and intestines. This supplement stimulates the growth of beneficial microflora and supports sugar and lipid metabolism. PreBio M contains a higher soluble fiber concentration than PreBio T and other prebiotic variants currently on the market. It's also cleaner, whiter, finer and purer.

18c by Acme-Hardesty is the one-stop headquarters for high-quality PreBio M, offering the ideal combination of efficacy, convenience, availability and affordability for product developers like you. Trust us for all your nutraceutical needs.

What Are the Health Benefits of PreBio M?

Taking PreBio M can provide an assortment of health benefits:
  • Helps prevent clogging of the arteries and lowers high blood pressure by reducing cholesterol levels in the bloodstream
  • Minimizes blood glucose spikes by slowing sugar absorption in the intestines
  • Promotes digestive health and normalizes bowel motility
  • Boosts immunity by increasing mineral and vitamin absorption
  • Contributes to weight loss

Key PreBio M Features

This premium prebiotic from 18c by Acme-Hardesty includes a wide range of value-added features:
  • Contains an 85-90% natural prebiotic concentration, the highest available on the market
  • Delivers effective, reliable therapeutic results without causing bloating
  • Compatible with FODMAP diets and people with sensitive digestive tracts due to the slower fermentation profile
  • Features an all-natural manufacturing technique without spray drying, heat processing or chemical additives
  • Meets all applicable organic, HACCP and GMP certification standards

What Products Benefit From PreBio M?

The health properties and other beneficial characteristics this prebiotic offers make it an invaluable ingredient in a wide range of products. Use it to manufacture a comprehensive assortment of dietary supplements and food and beverage items. You can also add it to flavor emulsions and numerous confectionery goods.

Typical Formulation Applications

Using PreBio M can improve your product formulations in several ways. It can provide a longer shelf life, extend product expiration dates and increase ingredient stabilization. It can also enhance texture and promote emulsification and encapsulation.

Why Make Us Your PreBio M Supplier?

Acme-Hardesty offers more than 75 years of oleochemical distribution experience and expertise. Our 18c extension gives you an easy, efficient method of purchasing smaller product quantities to meet your company's inventory management requirements. You'll also receive the same high level of customer service that has set Acme-Hardesty apart from the competition for decades.
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