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Jump To: What Is PreBio T? What Are the PreBio T Health Benefits? Overview of Key PreBio T Features Typical Prebiotic Applications Why Choose Us as Your PreBio T Distributor? Prebiotics are organic compounds that promote the growth and activity of healthy bacteria and other microorganisms. They are
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Prebiotics are organic compounds that promote the growth and activity of healthy bacteria and other microorganisms. They are present in the lining of the stomach and intestines, where they aid digestion by altering the microbiome's composition.
Many individuals can benefit from adding a prebiotic to their diet. While these compounds exist in various fruits and vegetables, they are also available via a soluble fiber supplement like PreBio T. Adding this ingredient to products enables users to consume it in the desired quantities needed to ensure gut health.

If you are a product developer or manufacturer, turn to 18c by Acme-Hardesty for all your prebiotic needs. We offer high-quality PreBio T at affordable prices and in appropriate quantities for your company's needs.

What Is PreBio T?

PreBio T is a specially formulated nutraceutical that stimulates the growth of beneficial microflora in the gut. This substance is classified as a functional food, and its unique composition can provide relief to people suffering from diarrhea. PreBio T serves as a carbohydrate food source for the beneficial bacteria that already exist inside the colon, supporting healthy sugar and lipid metabolism.

PreBio T differs from a similar nutraceutical, PreBio M, as it contains less soluble fiber.

What Are the PreBio T Health Benefits?

This effective prebiotic can provide numerous health advantages for consumers:
  • Improves the function of the digestive system and offers relief to people suffering from stomach and intestinal disorders
  • Promotes teeth and bone health due to the high calcium content
  • Enhances mental health via stimulating microflora growth
  • Increases immune system function, helping to ward off illnesses and diseases
  • Facilitates the absorption of minerals and vitamins from diets
  • Aids weight loss for individuals who may have difficulty via other methods

Overview of Key PreBio T Features

The formula from 18c by Acme-Hardesty contains the highest concentration of prebiotic ingredients you'll find on the market. Users can receive all the therapeutic benefits without bloating, which alleviates any discomfort. The natural manufacturing process includes no chemical additives, heat processing or spray drying, enabling consumers to use the ingredient with total confidence. What's more, PreBio T meets all organic, GMP and HACCP certification requirements.

Typical Prebiotic Applications

You can use PreBio T in a wide range of applications. It's a common ingredient in various dietary supplements, and it performs well as a standalone supplement or as an additive in numerous food and beverage products. You can also use this prebiotic to serve as a flavor emulsion in baked goods and confectionery items. Consider PreBio T when you want to maximize a product's shelf life, enhance its texture or provide additional stabilization.

Why Choose Us as Your PreBio T Distributor?

18c is an extension of Acme-Hardesty, a leading oleochemical supplier to companies in numerous industries for more than 75 years. 18c enables you to purchase prebiotics and other nutraceuticals in smaller quantities to meet the storage and inventory requirements of your business, regardless of the size. You'll also benefit from our industry-best service to maximize your customer experience.

We're offering PreBio T at no charge for a limited time, enabling you to try it without risk. Place your order online today or reach out for more information.

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