Coconut Fatty Acid

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Jump to: Coconut Fatty Acid Uses and Applications Packaging and Shelf Life of Coconut Fatty Acid How to Dispose of Coconut Fatty Acid Why Choose 18c by Acme-Hardesty as Your Coconut Fatty Acid Supplier Coconut fatty acid is used in soaps and bath products as a cleansing agent, a conditioner, an
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Coconut fatty acid is used in soaps and bath products as a cleansing agent, a conditioner, an emulsifier, and a foam booster. Its high lauric content makes an excellent lathering soap. It is also a super fattening agent, which provides a very smooth consistency to bar soap, and delivers rich nutrients to the skin.

Coconut Fatty Acid can be used in the manufacture of alkyd resins and intermediates in the textile industry, and in lubricants and biofuels. All 18c Coconut Fatty Acid is derived from sustainable palm kernels.

Coconut Fatty Acid Uses and Applications

There is no shortage of uses for coconut fatty acid across industries. We primarily provide coconut fatty acid for use as an ingredient in personal care products, but it can also be used as a lubricant for the automotive industry or machine work, as a fuel for the oil and gas industry, to condition leather, to polish wood and to dissolve adhesives. Of course, this miracle product also has many uses in the personal care industry, including:

  • Lotions and face creams: It is ideal for this use because of its excellent emulsifying properties.
  • Shampoos: Coconut fatty acid is an excellent conditioner.
  • Soaps: It produces a great deal of cleansing lather in a short amount of time, making it perfect for a soap ingredient

Coconut fatty acid can also give your cleansing product a pleasant smell and a clean appearance.

Packaging and Shelf Life of Coconut Fatty Acid

Our coconut fatty acid is a foamy liquid that comes in our 400# drum. Coconut fatty acid does not do well when exposed to heat and light. When it's not in use, store it in the sealed drum in a cool, dry, well-ventilated location out of the heat and out of direct sunlight. When stored in this way, coconut fatty acid can have a shelf life of at least one year.

How to Dispose of Coconut Fatty Acid

If you find yourself with excess coconut fatty acid, be sure to find out what local guidelines are for disposal of this type of waste material to avoid any negative environmental impact. Do not reuse the coconut fatty acid drum.

Why Choose 18c by Acme-Hardesty as Your Coconut Fatty Acid Supplier?

As one of the oldest oleochemical distributors in the country, 18c by Acme-Hardesty is the perfect company to contact when you want to buy coconut fatty acid. We are the most experienced and the most efficient coconut fatty acid supplier you will find. We get our coconut fatty acid from environmentally-friendly, non-GMO, BSE and allergen-free producers.

In addition to the tremendous quality of our coconut fatty acid and other oils, surfactants and similar personal care ingredients, we offer a level of customer service that can significantly boost your efficiency and productivity. Our simple-to-use e-commerce platform and streamlined supply chain means you get all your orders fast and can put them right to work in your applications.

Our coconut fatty acid and other products are affordable and available in a wide range of order sizes. We can provide a small batch for research purposes or for a personal care company that is just starting up as easily as we can provide a larger order for a big company doing high-volume in the personal care industry.

We know you will be more than satisfied with the quality of our products and service once you start ordering coconut fatty acid and related ingredients for your personal care applications from 18c by Acme-Hardesty. You can get started right now by placing an order or contacting us online for more information.

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