Murumuru Butter

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INCI Name: Astrocaryum murumuru seed butter  - Color:  White to yellowish  - Odor:  Characteristic  - Solubility:  Water insoluble  - Appearance:  Waxy Solid  - CAS #: 356065-49-1  - About: The murumuru palm (Astrocaryum murumuru), also called "murumuruzeiro", is found throughout the Amazon
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INCI Name: Astrocaryum murumuru seed butter
 - Color: White to yellowish
 - Odor: 
 - Solubility: Water insoluble
 - Appearance: Waxy Solid
 - CAS #: 356065-49-1

 - About: The murumuru palm (Astrocaryum murumuru), also called "murumuruzeiro", is found throughout the Amazon region, nearby the Amazon River and its affluent.

 - Properties: The oil extracted from the murumuru almonds has the appearance and composition of butter. Murumuru butter is rich in short and medium chain fatty acids, belonging to the lauric group.

 - Uses & Applications: Murumuru butter can be used in lotions, creams, soaps, conditioners, shampoo, facial masks, oils and emulsions, products for nourishing and restoring damaged hair, depilatory waxes and moisturizers.

- Benefits of Murumuru Butter for Skin and Hair: Murumuru butter has many ingredients that are ideal for moisturizing and rejuvenating hair and skin. It has a very pleasant texture and consistency, not feeling slimy or excessively oily. This, combined with its light and welcoming aroma with an air of nuttiness, means people are drawn to using murumuru butter products for their skin and hair. Other benefits of murumuru butter for skin and hair include the following:
  1. Murumuru butter melts easily on the skin
  2. Omega fatty acids in murumuru butter support skin elasticity.
  3. It's a natural emollient.
  4. It's good for all types of skin — mature skin, cracked, dry skin, problem skin, etc.
- Packaging and Shelf Life of Murumuru Butter: Our murumuru butter comes in paste form in our standard 2.2046# bottle. The typical shelf life of murumuru butter is considered to be one year, but in reality, it has no expiration date. There is no reason it cannot be effective well beyond a year’s time, especially if you store it properly and carefully. If you use murumuru butter as directed, you will likely use the entire bottle well before exceeding the product’s shelf life.

- How to Dispose of Murumuru Butter: Murumuru butter is a very safe product, but as with any oil-based product, it is important to be mindful of the greater environment when disposing of it. If you have excess murumuru butter, please dispose of it according to your local environmental guidelines for oil-based products. When you finish the bottle, dispose of it with similar care. Do not reuse the bottle for other purposes.

 - Quality Differential - Product 100% Natural: This product is not submitted to the refining stage during the obtaining process. It would be at this stage that they would be exposed to high temperatures in order to be neutralized, clarified and deodorized. However, this type of technique degrades several biomolecules of high nutritional value that are naturally present in oils and butters. These include vitamins, responsible for benefits like antioxidant power, and thermo sensitive carotenoids, which maintain the health of the skin. The fruits are selected at the natural maturation time preserving their compounds and do not undergo thermal stress refining, guaranteeing their properties.

 - Product 100% Pure: Citróleo, our trusted supplier of this product, does not perform any kind of blend or alteration of the oils and butters it produces. Thus, the plant products offered maintain their natural aspects, like characteristic, color and odor.

 - Dosage / Usual Concentration:
  • Moisturizing lotion, conditioner: 0.5 to 8%
  • Liquid soap and shampoo: 0.5 to 1%
  • Bar soap, lipstick, lip moisturizer: 0.5 to 30%

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