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    What Are Fatty Alcohols?

    Fatty alcohols are found in many personal care applications, and they could be the perfect skin-hydrating solution for your skin care products. But many people are misinformed about these alcohols' uses and advantages. If you're wondering what fatty alcohols are and how they can benefit your product line, let 18c by Acme-Hardesty help.

    Fatty alcohols are alcohols created from the natural fats and oils of plants and animals. They're obtained from fatty acids and feature an even number of carbon atoms. Some of the most commercially well-known fatty alcohols include Cetyl Alcohol and Stearyl Alcohol.

    These ingredients are beneficial for numerous skin care applications and other topical products. They act as excellent emollients and thickeners, and they can help keep skin feeling more hydrated for a longer period. Unlike some types of alcohols, fatty alcohols aren't skin-damaging or irritating, so you can use them even in products designed for sensitive, oily or dry skin.

    If you're wondering where to buy fatty alcohols for your personal care applications, look no further than 18c by Acme-Hardesty. We offer sustainable small-quantity fatty alcohols online through an efficient supply chain — the perfect solution for your boutique or testing facility.

    Uses and Applications of Fatty Alcohols

    With our variety of non-irritating fatty alcohol solutions, you can create sustainable products that will keep consumers' skin feeling healthier and more hydrated. The fatty alcohols in our inventory include:
    • Stearyl Alcohol: Stearyl Alcohol is a fatty alcohol derived from vegetable fatty acids, coconut oil or a natural fatty acid called stearic acid. It's often used to soothe the skin in various personal care products due to its lubricating qualities. It can also be used in creams and lotions as an emollient or as an emulsifier in deodorants. Other products that commonly use Stearyl Alcohol include hair conditioners, eye makeup, cleansers and foundations.
    • Cetyl Alcohol: The fatty alcohol Cetyl Alcohol is a white, flaky substance derived from vegetable oils. Companies often use it as an emulsifier and thickener in cosmetics to keep the ingredients from separating, as a skin-softening asset or as a foaming agent in shampoos and similar products. You'll often find Cetyl Alcohol in body washes, cosmetics, lotions, creams, hair conditioners and ointments.
    • BioPure™ nC4-OL: N-butanol — also known as n-butyl — is a renewable alcohol derived from sugar fermentation. This clear liquid is typically used as a solvent in personal care products and cosmetics to dissolve other substances. You can use n-butyl in bath soaps, detergents, lipsticks, foundations, lotions, nail polish removers, deodorants and similar products.

    Shop Fatty Alcohols at 18c by Acme-Hardesty

    Many small boutiques and testing facilities looking for top-quality, low-quantity fatty alcohols have found a partner in 18c by Acme-Hardesty. As an extension of one of the world's leading oleochemical distributors, we operate an impressive inventory well-suited for today's eco-friendly beauty products. Each of the products we sell is sustainably sourced and bio-based, so you can rest assured that you're providing only the best ingredients for your customers.

    Buy your BioPure™ nC4-OL, Stearyl Alcohol and Cetyl Alcohol now by browsing our catalog. For more information about us or our products, feel free to contact us online.
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