About Us

Acme-Hardesty began more than 70 years ago. As a division of Jacob Stern and Sons, we’re built upon an even longer history of innovation and growth. Today we’ve evolved into one of the largest distributors of castor oils and derivatives, palm derivatives, preservatives and surfactants—as well as a full range of renewable palm-based glycerine, fatty acids and fatty alcohols. Acme-Hardesty continues to expand our [core] product line while developing sustainable, bio-based solutions for the personal care industry.  

We believe...

that respect for others is fundamental to everything we do.
that honesty and integrity are essential to our relationships and the foundation for the way we do business.
that our word is our bond. We follow through on our commitments to customers, suppliers and each other—no matter what challenges we may face.

Chargement en cours
Chargement en cours